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Wilson Realty

Wilson Realty, Co. was founded by Terry Wilson who has been in the real estate industry for over two decades. From real estate investing and working at some of the largest real estate firms in the Charlotte Metro market, Terry has a strong background in virtually all areas of the residential real estate market. As a real estate instructor, Terry teaches Realtors® and Brokers-In-Charge (BIC) from hundreds of firms throughout North Carolina, keeping him on top of the latest real estate laws, rules and changes.

Creating clients for life 

You can tell when a Realtor® has your best interest at heart. At Wilson Realty, our agents want to assist you not only in this transaction but also with any future needs you may have.  All of our agents are expected to be well-versed in the latest industry news and trends and are encouraged to read the book Terry authored: Hiking the NC Real Estate Trail. The book provides techniques on communication, the importance of training, negotiation strategies, and strong emphasis on always placing the client’s needs first.

Because Wilson Realty does not have a competing BIC (who lists and sells properties), our agents can be sure they receive advice that is focused solely on protecting their clients’ interests.

We have the drive and the tools… 

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