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Hi there!   

Buying or selling a home can create a lot of emotions . . . and supporting you through your experience is my expertise!  I am a third-generation licensed real estate broker, as well as doctoral-level psychologist.  This combination of professional experience allows me to address your needs with an unmatched level of knowledgeskill, understanding and support.  

Whether youre looking to buy or to sell a home, my goal, when serving you, will be the same - to offer you a premium service.  I pride myself in being a broker that you can trust and hold myself to the highest standards.  I keep myself abreast of the trends, the changing neighborhoods and our ever-evolving inventory.  You can count on me to walk you through the process, to represent you with strength and competency and to negotiate ardently on your behalf.  My goal is to understand and honor you – who you are and how you feel – every step of the way . . . and then to get you what you want!   

Who am I?  I’m your neighbor!  I reside in North Carolina with my fiancé and our menagerie of pets.  I’m also the mother of two super sweet daughters.  Im a foodie, a health nut, an animal lover and people person!  For fun, I enjoy reading, writing (books), sculpting, working outtaking long walks and going to great restaurants.  also enjoy social media and host a Facebook page - A Better Us - as a reminder of the power kindness has in the world.     

Wondering if we're the right fit?  Call me!  There’s no obligation.  If I’m not the right fit for you, I’ll find and match you with the person who is . . . Let’s talk! 

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