A little about me

and why I love real estate

Wen Xiao is bilingual in Mandarin and English. She has a lovely family with a young son and she understands the importance of finding the right home for families.

Wen moved to Charlotte in Nov 2007 due to job relocation and immediately loved the beautiful environment and nice weather here in Charlotte. Wen had a bad experience when purchasing her first home in SC, so after moving to Charlotte, Wen wanted to help others in real estate to avoid making the same mistakes she did and relieve others from the stress of buying or selling a home. Wen has a passion to help others and she is quick and diligent in making sure everything is going smoothly. With accounting and finance background, Wen understands the tax impact of purchasing or selling a home very well and is pretty good at financial analysis of real estate investments. All these help Wen provide outstanding customer services.

Wen volunteers as the treasurer at local Chinese American Association of Charlotte. In her spare time, Wen enjoys doing yoga, watching movies, singing, hanging out with friends, and going on vacations with families.

Wilson Realty listings

  1. 4 Beds,  4 Baths
    3,744 sqft   lot 21,780 sqft
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3821138
  2. 0 Beds,  3 Baths
    4,224 sqft   lot 1.51 ac
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3819938
  3. 2 Beds,  1 Bath
    952 sqft   lot 15,246 sqft
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3814208
  4. 4 Beds,  4 Baths
    4,551 sqft   lot 1.27 ac
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3810191
  5. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,318 sqft   lot 20,038 sqft
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3796795
  6. 3 Beds,  3 Baths
    1,320 sqft   lot 3,921 sqft
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3811721
  7. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 13.68 ac
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3810388
  8. 5 Beds,  4 Baths
    2,850 sqft   lot 12,633 sqft
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3805996
  9. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,774 sqft   lot 33,542 sqft
    Listed with Wilson Realty
    MLS 3804095
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Our clients are awesome

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“I have worked with Wen Xiao and have enjoyed the opportunity of watching her work ethic and skill sets. She has a desire to continue to learn and expand her skills; traits which are wonderful to have”

“Wen is extremely detail oriented, smart, and a joy to work with. She would be an asset for any organization. Plus, she is bilingual - how often do you find that?”